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The 10 Cheapest Cities in Europe to Travel Without Breaking the Bank.

Want to travel but have a small budget?

No problem ! You just have to choose the right cheap destinations.

And contrary to popular belief, Europe is a great destination for budget travellers.

Why ? Because all the countries are close to each other and the airlines compete fiercely.

As a result, it saves everyone!

We have selected for you the 10 cheapest cities in Europe to travel without breaking the bank.

Unsurprisingly, it is the cities of Eastern Europe that win this ranking.

This is where the most affordable destinations for those traveling on a budget can be found.

Here is the list of the 10 cheapest cities in Europe to travel for a weekend or more:

10. Istanbul in Turkey

Cost per day and per person: €31.14

Istanbul is the link between the West and the East. This beautiful city has seen its prices rise year on year, but now it seems that this rise is stabilizing, thanks to the fall of the Turkish lira.

Istanbul is full of riches to discover:souks, magnificent mosques, activities to do... You won't get bored there, which allows you to extend your stay with pleasure. But don't be surprised to find it hard to find accommodation at a good price.

Good to know:the rest of Turkey is cheaper.

9. Zagreb in Croatia

Cost per day and per person: €30.29

The magnificent beaches of Croatia remain the main attraction of this country. As a result, for many, Zagreb is only a city of passage. However, it is still inexpensive by European standards.

Especially if we compare it to its neighbour, Italy! Zagreb therefore remains a bargain. And it's a nice break on the road to the seaside resorts while being close to Plitvice National Park.

8. Riga in Latvia

Cost per day and per person: €29.64

It's surprising to see that a city in northern Europe remains so cheap. But it turns out that Riga is a good plan for backpackers. Youth hostel accommodation is particularly affordable, just like the rest. Riga's main problem is its remoteness. But even for a weekend, Riga is worth a look. And you won't be disappointed with its nightlife.

7. Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cost per day and per person: €29.64

The name of the city of Sarajevo is associated with images of war. It is probably for this reason that tourism is still timid there. Its geographical isolation in the middle of the mountains does not help matters.

Yet those who take the trouble to go there will be pleasantly surprised. They will discover a magnificent city center and a welcoming population. The old Muslim city is worth the detour:it is a well-hidden little treasure to be discovered.

6. Budapest in Hungary

Cost per day and per person: €29.17

Renowned spa resorts, magnificent cathedrals, castles and town centers hold some lovely surprises. Without a doubt, Budapest is worth a visit. The Danube which crosses it gives it an incomparable charm.

Not to mention the unbeatable value for money! You will find a multitude of hotels for small budgets. Our advice? Move away from the city center and hotel prices will be even more competitive.

5. Sofia in Bulgaria

Cost per day and per person: €27.70

Among the European capitals to discover, Sofia is one of the best destinations. The welcome of the locals is warm and the city center is worth a detour. There are no major tourist attractions, but the center is really lovely. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the quite reasonable prices. Only downside, plane tickets from France are still a bit expensive. That will eventually change!

4. Bucharest in Romania

Cost per day and per person: €24.84

Bucharest is certainly not the most romantic city in Romania and it struggles to find a place in the hearts of tourists.

It's a shame because this city is well worth the detour! As well for its monuments as the imposing parliament or its pleasant historic center. It even seems that the price of youth hostels is going down!

3. Belgrade in Serbia

Cost per day and per person: €24.18

Belgrade is making huge efforts to attract tourists and erase the memories of the war in the 90s. In Belgrade, there is little entertainment dedicated to tourists but walking around the city center is pleasant. In addition, the nightlife is very lively and the prices remain reasonable.

2. Krakow in Poland

Cost per day and per person: €23.85

Krakow is one of the best destinations in Europe for tourists. The prices are low, which allows the curious to easily come and spend a weekend of discovery. They appreciate the richness of the local culture and discover a magnificent city centre. The choice of hotels, inns, bars and restaurants at attractive prices is very wide. But don't wait too long before putting Krakow on your list of cities to visit. Because prices could quickly increase, as was the case in Prague or Budapest.

1. Kyiv in Ukraine

Cost per day and per person: €21.58

Admittedly, there is a short stretch of road to get to kyiv! But this beautiful city also deserves to be visited. Even if the use of English tends to develop, it is preferable to speak a few words of Russian or Ukrainian to be understood.

How does it work?

To establish this ranking of the cheapest destinations in Europe, this selection takes into account several criteria:

- 1 night in the cheapest bed in the cheapest hostel in town, but well located and with good reviews.

- 2 trips per day by public transport

- 1 paid visit per day:we have calculated the average price of the city's essential paid visits. But if you want to cut your budget even further, there are plenty of free tours and attractions to check out.

- 3 small budget meals per day. 20% is added to the minimum price of a meal for long trips.

- 3 alcoholic drinks per day (beer or wine), just to have fun and go out in the evening. People who do not drink alcohol will use this budget to drink coffee, soft drinks, have a small candy or attend a local event.

Want to know even more cheap cities to travel for a weekend or more?

Here is the rest of the list of cheap destinations in Europe (from the cheapest to the most expensive):

11. Warsaw, Poland

12. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

13. Vilnius, Lithuania

14. Bratislava, Slovakia

15. Split, Croatia

16. Santorini, Greece

17. St. Petersburg, Russia

18. Ljubljana, Slovenia

19. Prague, Czech Republic

20. Tallinn, Estonia

21. Tenerife, Spain

22. Valletta, Malta

23. Athens, Greece

24. Naples, Italy

25. Lisbon, Portugal

26. Moscow, Russia

27. Hamburg, Germany

28. Dublin, Ireland

29. Ibiza, Spain

30. Nice, France

31. Berlin, Germany

32. Salzburg, Germany

33 . Florence, Italy

34. Edinburgh, Scotland

35. Dubrovnik, Croatia

36. Dublin, Ireland

37. Bruges, Belgium

38. Barcelona, ​​Spain

39. Munich, Germany

40. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

41. Rome, Italy

42. Vienna, Austria

43. Brussels, Belgium

44. Milan, Italy

45. Paris, France

46. Bergen, Norway

47. Interlaken, Switzerland

48. Helsinki, Finland

49. Copenhagen, Denmark

50. Stockholm, Sweden

51. London, England