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7 good reasons to (re)go to New Zealand

We turn into a Hobbit in Hobbiton

Fan or not of the "Lord of the Rings" and the "Hobbit", we fall for this enchanting place which served as the setting for Peter Jackson's films. Walking there is like walking through a magical world and visiting behind the scenes behind the eye of the camera. Created from scratch on the Alexander farm (, the cottages of the Shire seem to be inhabited by Hobbits… and our dreams. Because, behind the multicolored doors, there is nothing! "The interior scenes were shot in a studio in Wellington," says guide Ethan, a young actor, who recounts the amusing details of the shoots. Example ? Of the thirteen thousand sheep on the ranch, not a single one was suitable and they had to be brought in from England! Another ? An apple tree was transformed into a plum tree, a decorative exercise that required two weeks of work… At nightfall, Middle-earth is draped in even more magic. One of the tours (not given) ends with a gargantuan meal at the Green Dragon Inn. Unforgettable experience.

Where do we sleep? At Diane Parker's B&B, who makes delicious scones. In the garden, his sheep come running when called!