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Discover the mystery of Thai massage during your stay in Thailand

Asian countries are renowned for the authenticity of their habits and customs, including Thailand. This region emphasizes in respecting the holidays and festivals that take place there every year such as "Asalha Puja", "Khao Phansa" and the feast of Queen Sirikit which will manifest on August 13th. On the other hand, many tourists choose this destination for another reason, that of discovering Thai massage, renowned and very effective in eliminating stress and giving a new joie de vivre.

Different postures to achieve perfect serenity

According to history, Thai massage was brought by "Father Doctor Shivago Komarpahj", a contemporary of the Buddha, 2500 years ago. It is one of the traditional pure healing treatments that still exists in the world.

The session begins with a prayer recited in the original language of Bali including four inseparable principles in the Buddhist teaching:compassion, kindness, joy and balance. Nuad Thai is practiced on the ground without applying oil. Just find the energy lines called "Sen" and apply pressure and stretch throughout the body. This is what characterizes this type of massage compared to others.

This digitopuncture is an ancient practice, originating in Tibet. Thus, it is based on Yoga postures while managing balance, breathing and meditation. At the beginning, the therapy starts with the feet, the legs while going up little by little towards the other parts of the body. You will be in a prone position and finally in a seated position.

Nuad Thai is widespread in all tourist places in the country:Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Bangkok as well as famous tourist beaches. Even some reputed hotels also provide this service for its customers. But, the best way to relax is to go to Thai massage parlors in town. You will have a wide choice between foot reflexology, massage with medicinal herbs in the form of oil or even hand and foot massage to treat your discomfort.

The benefits of Thai massage

A session lasts about 1 hour, for most it can be up to 2 hours, it depends on the patient. Know that Thai massage is preventive and therapeutic, especially for people who work constantly in front of their desk with bad postures, individuals slumped in front of their computer, etc,…. It is also recommended for patients with blocked necks. Even if the treatment can sometimes be painful, you will see that the next day you will feel better and fully relieved.

Nuad Thai brings many benefits for humans such as:increasing flexibility, improving blood circulation and neurological functions, releasing tension points that block the flow of inner energy. It promotes peace in oneself, peace of mind providing total well-being.

Have no fear, the masseurs or masseuses who practice this kind of therapy are professionals practicing their profession in the "WatPho" school in Bangkok, the best place to benefit from a complete massage session. So, don't miss this soothing activity, if you are vacationing in Thailand this year.