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A multitude of tourist activities in Thailand

Thailand is a unique country in its kind, because it has tourist assets for all tastes and for all categories of people. This country not only contains magnificent natural potentials, beaches of thousands of kilometers, but also an exciting culture that always intrigues arriving tourists. In 2015, it attracted around 12 million foreign visitors in the first five months of this year. A 25% increase was recorded compared to the previous year. After London but ahead of Paris, Bangkok is the second most visited city in the world.

Go on an adventure through magnificent landscapes

When a tourist takes off for Thailand, he is especially attracted by the beauty of the beach around Pattaya, southeast of the city of Bangkok. Also, the resort of the island of Phuket is very popular because of its nightlife and the Andaman Sea. In July and August, holidaymakers prefer to immigrate to the other side of the Malaysian peninsula, on the island of Koh Samui where the climate is less rainy than in Phuket. In addition, this archipelago is less affected by mass tourism, if you want to have more privacy. In addition, KhaoYai National Park is located between the central plain and Isan about 200 kilometers from Bangkok.

This unique heritage is listed among the many world heritage sites of humanity because of its large monsoon forest which is home to species endemic to the region. If you want to recharge your batteries and have clean air, this place is far enough from the pollution and noise of the capital. To better admire the landscape of the region:the presence of mountains, rivers and emblematic species, an elephant ride would be well suited. Also, the local community organizes either hikes through the rainforest to meet the ethnic people of the mountains or outings to do scuba diving.

A destination rewarded for its exceptional beauty

The success of tourism in Thailand is due to the presence of Bangkok airport, which is open to all international flights. The tourist industry represents 10% of the GDP of this country. It is a flagship destination for business tourism compared to traditional tourism thanks to the presence of luxury hotels that can accommodate a multitude of businessmen from all over the world. Every year, this fabulous country wins "awards" as well as rewards because of the quality of services, particularly in the field of tourist reception.

The "Trip Advisor" site, for example, confirmed that the city of Bangkok is the second best city, after New York, where tourists do their shopping easily. In 2012, Pattaya was elected as the land of golf in Asian countries. Many tourist sites have ranked this city as the best in the world for its vibrant and friendly nightlife. For nine consecutive years, Thailand has been designated as a tourist destination in its own right around the world.