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A wellness stay in Thailand

Travel is above all, a means of recharge your batteries to escape the stress of everyday life and thus get a new look to face work or any other responsibilities. In addition, Thailand is one of the best destinations for a change of scenery. During your stay in the country, there are many activities available to you such as cultural excursions, trekking, shows, elephant rides and many others. However, visits are sometimes exhausting. To relax and fully enjoy your stay, Thailand also has wellness centers offering thalassotherapy. After a few days, you will revive the vitality in you, a vitality that seemed to slip away little by little after hours and hours of elephant rides.

Thai Thalassotherapy and massage sessions

Who doesn't like to be pampered? Facial and body care specialists are ready to pamper you with the benefits of Thai seaweed and warming muds. These somewhat special ingredients have the effect of soothing muscle tension. Otherwise, to reboost your energy, the graceful hands of the Thai masseuses guarantee a moment of pure happiness. Especially since all forms of massage can be found in thalassotherapy centers in Thailand.

Feeling good about yourself

The Ayurvana spa at the Santhiya Resort &Spa hotel

For people suffering from stress, we also offer hydrotherapy using the virtues of boiling baths as well as different forms of jet showers. The most active can provide aquagym sessions. Always in the context of your well-being, it turns out that nothing can match sophrology and yoga to evacuate tensions. Do not panic, Thailand has centers dedicated to these disciplines, all as luxurious as each other. In any case, you would be in top form during a wellness stay in Thailand.