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Where to store your furniture during a stay in Thailand?

Thailand is a wonderful country both to study and to work. People who want to start their own business will want to test the idea before settling there permanently. In all these cases, you will have to find a way to keep your furniture and belongings.

Using boxes in private homes

Brand new idea, it's about taking advantage of a free space in a private home to store their belongings .

Cellar, attic or box, this formula has the advantage of being simple and much less expensive than classic boxes.

With many possible choices close to home, it will be easy to transfer your belongings before leaving.

Co-storage has become a new way of using furniture storage with a multitude of possibilities available.

To discover this new concept, just click here and rent your box thanks to this innovative service.

Taking advantage of the space available in private homes is an interesting alternative to traditional boxes. With choices close to home, co-storage proves to be practical and well thought out.

Savings of around 50%

Thanks to co-storage, an individual can spend a year in Thailand without the costs of his furniture storage being exorbitant. Compared to a classic box, the price is halved, which allows you to keep your belongings for a long time without breaking the bank.

Students and expats will be able to use this method to keep their belongings for the duration of their stay.

Upon their return, they can simply pick up their belongings by making an appointment with the chosen private individual. If they decide to stay in Thailand, it will be enough to choose what to do with this business.

The furniture storage can be stopped to move everything to its new home or, on the contrary, kept to recover everything when returning to France. Very simple, this new formula has many attractions that will satisfy the thousands of expatriates who try the great adventure every year.