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5 things to know before going to Thailand with a baby

Traveling anywhere in the world with baby is not very complicated. You just need to be well organized and have common sense. If you go to Thailand, know that Thai people love children. They even consider them as sacred beings and bearers of luck. But to avoid unpleasant surprises, here are 5 recommendations to take into account when taking a child for the first time to Thai lands.

Means of transport

If you want to enjoy the landscape with baby and take a short walk, you will need a very comfortable stroller. It's much more practical than carrying your little angel in your arms for the whole walk. The stroller offers two positions:sitting and lying. Thus, your little one will always remain comfortable throughout the journey. On the other hand, if you are going to make an excursion to the surrounding islands, leave the stroller at the hotel. A scarf or baby carrier will do.

On every street corner you can buy bus or ferry tickets. You can test taxis and Tuk-Tuks. Be careful, take care to hold baby well so that he does not fall. The ideal is to encourage travel by train, because there is more room for young children to play and frolic everywhere.

Food and means of preservation

Many parents take a small airtight plastic dish with them to put the children's meals. You can store cereals, both meals, fruit and even snacks. It is very practical and effective if you do not like small pots made locally. Often, the products offered are small in size. In addition, the choice is generally limited between corn, chicken and carrot. For sweet dishes, there are only bananas and apples.

Avoid at all costs drinking tap water or drinks with ice cubes in fast food restaurants. You risk having intestinal and digestive problems. Set aside around 20 baht to buy the bottles of mineral water.

Thai restaurants

To save more money, it is better to eat Thai dishes. This is the perfect opportunity to savor the cuisine and learn the culinary art of this country live. You will find street vendors and "foodsmarket" on every street corner. The dishes are far and away better than European food! Do not hesitate to taste the "friedrice" or the "friednoodle". Kids will be able to taste a variety of well-balanced dishes:pancake, chicken nuggets, sautéed vegetables, white rice, fish, meat and various seasonal fruits.

Thai Fried Rice

But if you want to take baby to a more refined setting, you can always go to restaurants that provide high chairs. Some of these establishments even offer toys to entertain children (beach quads, bicycles, etc.). It is the ideal solution to enjoy a little peace and enjoy a one-on-one with your companion.

Means of accommodation

Contrary to what you may believe, the price of hotel establishments in Thailand is quite affordable. Thus, you will have no problem finding a hotel that is not too expensive, where you can comfortably stay with your child. Little tip, choose an air-conditioned room with a private bathroom. Also prefer a hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor. It is more convenient to have breakfast with family in the morning.

Hotel ibis Bangkok

With an average budget, you can afford a bungalow by the beach or a stone's throw from the shore. In that case, don't forget to bring a Babylon. This can be very useful when the children are sleeping and you want to take a swim or have a cocktail by the sea.

Preferred regions

The first city to visit in Thailand is Bangkok, the capital. Two days will be more than enough to explore and discover the tourist assets of this metropolis with baby. Watch out for pollution though. To get around, take taxis rather than Tuk-Tuks.

For a stay of relaxation and rest, head to the south of the country. You can rent a bungalow very close to the sea, but beware of sunburn between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. You can embark on a half-day boat trip, without tiring your baby too much.


If you are looking for convivial moments, go north instead or stay in the center of Thailand. In these localities, the inhabitants are really friendly, smiling and very welcoming. They love to be around children. If you don't have a beach, you can always stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. It's a good idea to occupy your children if you don't go for walks in the city.

Things to know about Thailand

It is strictly forbidden to give raw, smoked or marinated fish as well as seafood to toddlers. This kind of food is rich in bacteria, viruses and parasites. Instead, favor white tuna, albacore, cod and haddock.

In case the cereal is finished, buy brown rice, oats or barley. Boil everything and grind with a coffee grinder. Follow the same process to make mash. Use bottled water to simmer your meals and make sure vegetables are cooked through.

Bring a sarong and sunscreen to protect baby from the sun. A hat that covers your ears, "wetsuit" beachwear is also a must.

Be aware that people who litter in the streets must pay a fine of 200 baht. This rule is applied in Bangkok. Therefore, keep cigarette butts, scraps of paper, candy wrappers in your bags... Avoid even spitting on the ground!

There is no need to bring an adapter for your electrical appliances and phone chargers. Finally, if you go shopping, negotiation is a very common practice in Thailand, especially in shops, but also with Tuk-Tuk and taxi drivers.