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Learn Thai cooking in Thailand

To change from simple tourism, discoveries and adventures, you can also discover another facet of Thailand:that of learning Thai cuisine on site. Both fun and friendly, these courses will allow you to discover the culture of this wonderful country in a different way.

The basis of Thai cuisine

Completely different from Western meals, Thai cuisine is a blend of flavors and spices. Indeed, most dishes are sweet and savory. Coconut milk is, for example, often used to sweeten chilli. Soy sauce is also used to give a unique flavor to the sautéed dish.

You will always find rice and noodles on a traditional family menu. Side dishes alternate between meat, seafood and fish. Vegetables are also present in the composition of a Thai dish. Oyster sauce, palm sugar and fish sauce are very common in Thai cuisine.

Thais only use fresh and healthy ingredients. They like to put a multitude of herbs and flavorings in their food. Ginger is peeled and finely grated before being added to dishes. It has a very pleasant spicy flavor. Cilantro or Chinese parsley enhance the taste of various Thai dishes such as soup, salads as well as pan-fried foods.

Good places to take cooking lessons

Traveling to Thailand is also to amaze your taste buds. If you are a food lover, this country has many qualified gastronomic establishments. The teachers will teach you the basic rules and culinary secrets of this world famous cuisine.

In general, the courses are given by a chef for a group of 10 apprentices. You will have your own work plan with traditional utensils. Before starting the lessons, it is advisable not to eat, because you will always taste each dish you cook.

The Blue Elephant Hotel

Asia Scenic is a Thai cooking school located in Chiang Mai. It offers a very interesting program that begins with a visit to the garden to recognize the aromatic herbs. You will then make a detour to the market to choose the ingredients to cook before actually starting the actual lessons.

The Blue Elephant hotel is also a good place to learn Thai culinary art. It is located in Bangkok. Always recognized throughout the world, the Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Art offers different types of courses, starting with an introductory day to a course that lasts a whole week. You will cook several menus with the renowned instructors.

Finally, Thaï Homecooking offers personalized and very friendly courses. You will be guided by Angsana. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions regarding Thai life, culture and the city. Thanks to these courses, you will also be able to develop your skills by creating your own recipes.

The most popular dishes in Thailand

There are countless traditional Thai dishes that you can learn from the professional chefs. The most famous are:stuffed chicken wings or Beag Gai Sord Sai, stuffed squid or Plaa Mouk Sord Sai, grilled garlic chicken or Lao Gai Yang, or even fish in coconut milk cooked in coconut leaves. banana tree or Hormok Pla Chon. There's something for everyone!

garlic grilled chicken

The best way to discover the flavors of this tasty cuisine is to taste the small restaurant in the street. Indeed, every corner exhibits stands that offer Thai dishes. And this is one of the tourist assets of this city. If you're looking for more refined cuisine, head to the good gourmet restaurants that can be found all over the place.