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The world of shopping in Thailand

Used to window shopping? Ladies, you will be amply satisfied with the shops that are in Bangkok. Shopping is one of the tourist attractions of this Asian country, especially when it comes to clothes. Very good quality, the models are authentic with very interesting prices. And that's not all!

The flagship products of Thailand

Businessmen and businesswomen from all over the world are very interested in this legendary country. In general, it is the people who sell suits as well as branded clothing that have an advantage when buying them. Indeed, some shops in Bangkok offer a tax rebate of around 7% of the price to foreign buyers.

In this way, jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, shirts can be exported safely. With the fourth largest shopping center in the world, you will find silk fabrics, batiks, jewelry, not to mention the various decorative objects, religious or not.

Gold and silver are also two elements that make up the identity of this country. You will find 22 karat or 24 karat gold transformed into jewelry with very good finishes. You will have a hard time choosing between the existing models. Unlike Europe, precious stones (sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, etc.) are sold at very low costs, as are semi-precious stones:opal, jade, zircon, turquoise.

But beware of scammers! If you want to buy souvenirs, prefer crafts or antiques. The items sold are made of wood or ceramics. The city is famous for very courteous merchants whose prices of products are always up for debate.

The most frequent tips for shopping in Bangkok

You have two choices for your shopping day:drive straight to the market or stroll through the mall. Set aside at least a whole day to research what you need. The ride will be long.

At every corner of the city of Bangkok, you will discover implausible items that deserve your attention. Day and night, the markets in Thailand are almost open. For "good deals" with minimal prices, Chatuchak is the perfect location.

It is the largest market in Asia, where you will find 15,000 stalls. Open from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and even on weekends, you can also enjoy "JJ Green Market" at Chatuchak Park from 5 p.m. to midnight.

If you are more of a night owl, end your day by visiting the Asian market The Riverside. And why not sail aboard the sea shuttles that connect the Saphan Taksin BTS station and the Asian? As far as shopping centers are concerned, the Platinium Mall offers wholesale items, that is to say, the more you buy, the lower the prices will be.

If you want a hip vibe and meet young natives, Siam Center &Siam Square is the best place. In addition, this shopping center is a delight for technology enthusiasts. Finally, the Union Mall is the ideal place to see Thai teenagers, especially on weekends. The boutiques sell bags, jewellery, shoes, fashionable clothes and many other items that interest teenagers.