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My 3 Tips for Never Queuing at a Counter Again!

My 3 Tips for Never Queuing at a Counter Again!

Tired of waiting in line at the counter for long minutes?

How I understand you!

With my 3 clever tips, end the endless waits, save your time and energy!

To wait is a verb that reflects our daily life well, whether we are at the town hall, at the cinema, at the doctor, at the bakery, we are always forced to queue!

Well, I don't know about you but I'm tired of wasting my time unnecessarily. So I found 3 solutions to avoid waiting in single file in public places.

1. Know the off-peak hours of stores

And yes, luckily there is a completely free site that allows you to know the peak hours of stores near you.

By using I like to wait, you will be able to organize your day efficiently so as not to waste time unnecessarily. I have only one thing to say long live the off-peak hours!

2. Town hall and prefecture, same fight!

Do you need to renew your identity card? Got something else to do than watch the queue for hours? What if you changed your method?

The site of the police headquarters is the ideal site to find out about the steps that can be taken without moving from your sofa, such as registering on the electoral lists for example.

Really very practical to flee the administrations;-)

3. A stress-free cinema session

Going to the cinema rhymes with pleasure, relaxation and waiting! Fortunately, cinemas are now equipped with automatic terminals which will allow you to withdraw places already reserved over the Internet.

By using this method, you will make people envious who will have no choice but to wait patiently before arriving at the counter.

And you, what are your tips for avoiding queuing at a counter? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.