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What to do in Biarritz? Selection of trendy leisure activities!

Biarritz facing the Atlantic Ocean is a flagship city of the Basque Country in the Bay of Biscay. Seaside resort renowned worldwide for its surf spots, it attracts many visitors for its quality of life and its magnificent landscapes.

To spend the day, the weekend or a longer stay, you have a wide choice of activities. Aquatic, aerial, urban... Leisure of all kinds awaits you, with a large majority for water sports of course!

Visit the elegant city

Biarritz has become an emblematic city of the Basque Country since European kings and queens elected it as a holiday resort at the beginning of the 19th century. With its typical houses, its beaches, its Art Deco casino and its small port , the city offers multiple routes to visit it.

La Grande plage is perfect for experiencing the waves of the Atlantic, but you can also see the lighthouse, the Rocher de la Vierge, and admire the Villa Eugenie built by Napoleon for his wife. This palace of Second Empire architecture is today the Hôtel du Palais.

In terms of gastronomy, you will not be left out:black cherry jam, sheep's cheese, Espelette pepper , ham and Basque cake… A treat during your stay in the South-West!

If you want to have some views of the city and take a walk, take the coastal path from Bidart to Saint-Jean-de-Luz 5 km from Biarritz, or take the VTC Vélodyssée circuit in Biarritz.

Our advice:visit the Maison du Chocolat and stop to eat in a crampotte, a typical hut!

Catch the wave

Take a jet ski ride

If you love action and the ocean, you'll love catching the waves on a jet ski ride. On the handlebars of the sea scooter, you set sail to discover Biarritz and its coast from the ocean .

With or without a passenger, you pick up speed then slow down to listen to the instructor's comments on the landscapes. Depending on the itinerary, perhaps you will go towards L’Adour and Capbreton , or to the South towards Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye at the border with Spain, passing through Guéthary and Bidart.

The interest of hiking:you have fun in a group and you enjoy a refreshing water ride on the Basque coast.

Learn to surf

Surfing spot par excellence, Biarritz with its large beach is ideal for discovering or practicing surfing. During a course, a course lasting several days or coaching, you must test this fun and trendy practice.

Because surfing is not just a sport, it's also a philosophy of life adopted by his followers. The values ​​associated with it are perseverance (and yes, you will have some offcuts on your board!), humility, respect and sharing.

Biarritz offers a magnificent setting in addition to impressive waves. Withthe Pyrenees in the distance and an authentic preserved coastline, surfers enjoy training there.

There are also big competitions such as the oldest Quiksilver, the Belza Classic or the Mondial de Surf. Ready to ride ?

Relax in the thalasso

Because in Biarritz we practice a lot of aquatic activities, you can also play the relaxation card with a thalasso well-being leisure . The Thalmar marine spas located on Marbella beach in Biarritz welcome spa guests and visitors for afternoons or longer stays.

Wraps, seawater treatments, massages or simple access to the pools with swimming pools, massage jets and jacuzzis, you have plenty to relax thanks to the benefits of water and marine products.

The powers of water in balneotherapy have been known for a long time. The thermal waters, loaded with minerals, relieve certain ailments. Combined with treatments and relaxation, they soothe body and mind:zen attitude!

Get some fresh air and fly over the Basque coast

The Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the Landes on the Atlantic coast offer a beautiful mix of seaside and mountainous landscapes . To enjoy these natural spaces, why not fly away?

During a first flight in the sky of Biarritz, you will be able to observe many villages and the majestic panorama of the Pyrenees. By helicopter, paramotor, paraglider …You enjoy air travel at altitude.

Bayonne, the Adour, Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz , Cambo les Bains and Arnaga; the House of Edmond Rostand, Espelette whose facades are covered with the famous pepper; from Capbreton to Hendaye , Sares and Zugarramurdi the witch caves… There are things to see depending on the direction!

All this facade of the Bay of Biscay , which goes as far as Bordeaux in Gironde – a city of wine par excellence which also attracts a good number of tourists – can be enjoyed as a whole in an aircraft, it's up to you to choose which one!

Biarritz, a traditional city facing the ocean

The city is undeniably a must on the Basque coast. With its great beaches, period buildings and magical landscapes, Biarritz knows how to please. You won't miss the traditional Basque pelota, and the regional gastronomy full of flavor.

If you're here for the weekend , we recommend the Hôtel du Palais or the Thalasso Resort on the beach, but you can also look for other more economical accommodation for your leisure time. Surfing, hiking, flying, biking , thalasso… Biarritz is at the top of the wave!