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Knowing how to live:how to make the most of your stay in Thailand?

If you plan to go to Thailand in the next days, it is essential that you learn a little about the culture of this great country. You will go to a country where the population is proud and very welcoming. You will have to pay attention to your behavior and know in advance what you should not do there. It is a question of cultural difference here because a gesture that seems harmless to you can be badly perceived by the other side. In short, here are some notions of Thai way of life.

Never disrespect the 3 pillars of Thai identity

Thai people are first of all warm, polite and smiling people. They do not like confrontations with strangers, however, avoid making insensitive remarks about what is most sacred to them, namely, their religion, their nation and their monarchy. If a Thai person gets angry because you have disrespected one of these 3 pillars of their identity, the situation can very quickly turn tragic. You should know that Thais are people who don't like to show strong feelings in public, so stay as calm as possible.

Thai people are very sensitive about their country, refrain from throwing an unpleasant remark on the monarchy if you want to return home in the same conditions as when you arrived . One small wrong move could get you 15 years in prisons in hell-like prisons.

Never try to cross a street anywhere

Whatever city you are in, it is essential that you respect the zones reserved for pedestrians. Thai pedestrians are not allowed to force the passage in front of a car or public transport vehicle, as the latter always have priority. Pedestrian crossings and traffic laws are purely decorative, city dwellers only cross the street when they are sure to find the other side unscathed. So you can wait with other pedestrians who are already used to it.

Never point the finger at a Thai

Pointing at a Thai is a very rude gesture. If you want to point to someone, do so with gaze or a nod of your chin. This is also the case with your toes. It is imperative that they remain well hidden so as not to point at anyone, especially if you are sitting eating.

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