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"Les Baladeurs" and "Le temps d'un bivouac", my favorite podcasts for traveling!

It's not just the pretty photos or videos on blogs for travel. You can also escape by listening to the stories of adventurers and explorers. Halfway between storytelling and documentary, these sound and musical walks take you on a dreamlike journey without moving from your sofa!

The Walkers and Time for a bivouac

I have 2 favorite podcasts. Of those who transport you and take you on a trip:"Les Baladeurs" and "Le temps d'un bivouac". They similarly have the same formatting with field miking. Virgin, raw, pure. Sounds, rustlings, the falling rain, the blowing wind or the lapping of the waves. All these noises from the end of the world that I like to capture while traveling and that I share on the blog, and which more than the images, make us travel by stimulating all our senses.

The Awakening of the Howler Monkeys – Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica – Bakpoki


Through these podcasts you can snorkel in the aquatic world of freedivers Julie Gautier and Guillaume Néry. Or set off with Vincent Piton on the paths of the world to discover wild, edible and medicinal plants. You can also experience the ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc by Ludovic Escande. And finally vibrate by sharing the adventure of Laurent Ballesta during his dives in the Tuamotu archipelago in the middle of hundreds of sharks.

My favorite audio journeys on "Les Baladeurs"

  • In search of wild New Zealand plants
  • Emergency mission in the stars

The "Les Baladeurs" podcasts can be found on your podcast application or on The Others.

My favorite audio trips on "Le temps d'un bivouac"

  • The ascent of Mont Blanc by a novice
  • France on the way
  • The Night of 700 Sharks

The "Le temps d'un bivouac" podcasts can be found on your podcast application or on France Inter.

And you, what do you listen to as a travel and adventure podcast?