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The best places in town that never sleep in Bangkok

During the day, do you love to visit the temples, Royal Palace, shopping center and interesting places that make the reputation of Bangkok, capital of the Kingdom of Thailand? This tourist town is worth a detour because of its many attractions. It is to be known that Bangkok is a place where the party never ends.

Night owls who stay in the country will resolutely seek to spend the night outside and do not return until the early morning. Besides, we know how much Bangkok lights up the night with its skyscrapers and lights that illuminate the city. There is indeed a nightlife in the city of Siam.

We have listed the addresses to remember to welcome the early morning solo or with friends. Here are 6 places for a crazy night in the heart of Bangkok.

  • Parking Toys

At the top of the list is the famous Parking Toys, a bar-restaurant located in the Huai Khwang district. This place is really festive despite its modest appearance. The atmosphere is at its best until about 2 a.m.

  • The Glow

A must in the Thai capital, the Glow comes in second place. Decorated a little more chic, it is one of the busiest bars in town and always hosts the best DJs to make the atmosphere even more electric.

  • Cloud 47

The Cloud 47 is located on the 47th floor of a building in the Silom district. Ideal for admiring the city from the top of a thousand lights from its large terrace, while sipping a cocktail. The view is breathtaking, the Cloud 47 is already one of the references in the party world.

  • The Barka

The Barka adds to the list. It is a bar-restaurant with a very worked decoration which bears a particular name. A friendly space in a rather relaxed atmosphere. It's the right place to settle down in the evening and have a drink with friends or have a bite to eat.

  • Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek has some nice surprises in store for you as a super naughty bar, whose name means "hide-and-seek" in French. This is the first gourmet bar in the city offering varied and exquisite culinary specialties. If you want to meet Thai stars, take a look there.

  • Shades of Retro

You want to taste the best cocktail in the country, we invite you to drink it at Shades of Retro. The barmaids of the establishment are past masters in the art of concocting cocktails. As its name suggests, it is a bar with retro 80s style decor, located in the Sukhumvit district.